57th Venice Biennale 2017

"Personal Structures - open borders"
Palazzo Mora - in the context of the 57th Venice Art Biennale 2017.

Art Exhibition May 13 - November 26, 2017

Exploring the concepts of Space, Time and Existence

200 artists from 40 countries ~

Virtual Tour
My art shows first in the virtual tour of the third floor.

Exhibition Catalogue
My art and write up is on page 284

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My goal with art is to take people beyond the every day boundaries of life; to experience the subtle dimensions of existence and at the same time to have an awareness of the cosmos and the connection between the two.

Each work of art captures the flow of unique vibrational energies, at play with overlapping dimensions. Time, space and existence are themes that run through my creative process. Time travel, unraveling timelines, dimensions of consciousness, galaxies of light and portals, all are themes which go beyond time, space and existence to the infinite, unbounded realm.

How large a vision can you have? Creation energy unfolds unlimited possibilities. When the boundaries of our minds disappear, creativity explodes and we can operate in a universe of infinite potential. My personal artistic structures hold keys of consciousness which bridge the finite to the infinite. When I create, I work spontaneously in the moment and open fully to the ever expanding flow of creation. I move beyond thought, beyond the mind, beyond material existence. I am taken into a place of extreme bliss and joy.

Can art transform you, your space, the environment and even the world?
I invite you to experience each artwork as a portal to the infinite, to take you 
out of the personal structures of your every day life and into the truth and beauty of transcended consciousness.

Press Release:

In the context of the Venice Art Biennale 2017, the GAA Foundation presents the exhibition "PERSONAL STRUCTURES – open borders". The exhibition is hosted and supported by the European Cultural Centre in two of its prestigious Palazzo's in the centre of Venice -Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Mora- and the Giardini Marinaressa.

The exhibition shows an extensive combination of internationally established artists and artists whose works are less well-known. A cross-section of what can be seen as contemporary art today. The selected artists come from many different parts of the world, different cultures resulting in very different artworks. Visually, the artworks may appear very different, but all artists present their own subjective, personal expression of their reflection on the concepts Time, Space and Existence. 

The exhibition mainly presents recent artworks by living artists, either site-specific, specially made for this exhibition, or taken from the existing collection of the artist. Some rooms in the palazzos are dedicated to the presentation of a single artist, while other rooms will present a combination of projects and works. Strong statements give each of the rooms a very specific character. The exhibition features a broad variety of artistic media; video, sculptures, paintings, drawings, photos and installations. Since the more than 200 participating artists originate from very diverse cultures representing over 40 countries and are also of very different age, the topics Time - Space - Existence are highlighted from unusual, very personal points of view. 

The GAA Foundation’s exhibition "PERSONAL STRUCTURES – open borders" shows the commonness and differences between Europeans in dialogue with works of non-Europeans. In addition, the exhibition stimulates a more conscious relationship from the spectator towards his daily surrounding aiming to increase the awareness of their own personal Existence as human beings influenced by a specific Culture within Time and Space.

List of participating artists