"Poetic visual imagination at it's best..."
~ John Austin, Art Writer, New York City

“…your fantastic presentation is a big value for the exhibition.”
~ Alesia Varnaeva, European Cultural Center Director and organizer for 2017 Art Exhibition in Venice

“When I first saw my picture I felt the presence of God. The Light comes through very strongly. Laurel captured the Divine in me. It makes me more gentle.”
~ Greg Christian, Consultant, Chef and Author of “Food and Forgiveness: How a Chicago Chef Came Around"

"Having my Light Portrait done by Laurel Smith has been an
extraordinary gift that has led me on a journey of reflection, insight
and inner restoration.  I feel as if Laurel read my soul and transcribed
its journey in her language of form, color and light.  The transitions
between the images resonate with my memory.  Laurel has the gift of
tuning in and transforming what she receives into beautiful artwork.
From my experience she is amazingly accurate.  Spending time with 
her Light Portraits brings new visions and gifts.  Anyone with the 
privilege of having their Light Portrait made by Laurel is in for a 
personal and meaningful journey."
~ Amelia Samek, Los Angeles

“Laurel’s art is a wonderful tool for accessing the Divine within.
When I see the Light Portraits, I am sent immediately into a state of profound bliss.”
~ Yolanda Lozano, Teacher of the Healing Arts, Illinois

“They affect me energetically. The energy enters my soul. I feel more centered and focused with them and also more fluid and less rigidly defined. The Light Portraits are like jewels with different facets of light. I think I see myself in these pictures.”
~ David Zieve, Engineer, Author and Cranial Sacral Therapist, Albuquerque

“Laurel draws inspiration from Spirit to create transcendent works of art. I have one of her pieces, a magnificent abstraction of the energy from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. It is a source of peace and calm, wonderful for meditation, but also vibrant and deeply energetic. I highly recommend Laurel’s work for anyone working on their spiritual path or just interested in connecting with the Divine energy within us all.”
~ Geary Davis, Licensed Acupuncturist and Author, Illinois

"Your moving light artwork is truly inspiring and amazing!
I feel complete pure love transcending high and above the
planes of the earth, coming back a billion times more!
The color and light touched my eyes and flowed through
my sacred heart space!  Truly remarkable and feeling blessed
and honored to be able to see your work!
~ Maria Deutsch, Artist, Writer, Intuitive, Wisconsin

“Your images are like Yantras of Light.”
~ Joseph Siegworth, Violinist, Hypnotherapist and Healer, Milwaukee

“When I meditate looking into my Light Portrait, I connect with the multidimensional being that I am and experience peace, love, joy and more clarity. The colors and images are soothing and have what I describe as ‘vibrational healing’ to all levels of my being. What a wonderful tool!”
Virginia (Ginny) Clark, Children's Book Author and Intuitive, Wisconsin

“Laurel’s Light Portraits are captivating. Every time I look at mine my awareness is drawn to a different color, shape or element and my sense of it seems to constantly evolve. Laurel works from the place of pure intention as she channels the creative force to create an original, energetic work of art.”
Donna Cunning, Writer and Editor, Chicago

We thank you for creating such beauty in our troubled world.”
~ Nancy Roof, Founder of  Kosmos Journal

“Amazing art that takes me to a place beyond time – into other dimensions.”
Vishara, Co-Author of “From the Silence before Time – The Joining”

“Your pictures are stunningly beautiful....they just hit you with Light.”
~ Edie Sullivan, Life Coach, Illinois

“Laurel, I love your art. It is easy to contemplate art that is beautiful,
moving and compelling.”
Ralph Wahlstrom, Author of “The Tao of Writing”