Laurel created several new art series over the last year 
that are timely for the transformation of consciousness.  

Here are links to four of these new art series.  Please click 

the "Galleries" page to view all series of art.   Click the first image in each Gallery and from there you can view the slideshow and enlarge full screen.

Voice of the Universe

This series brings the ability to tap into the Divine Source and carry that experience fully into personal expression. This expression is authentic and comes from wholeness. Open the throat chakra and bring forth your unique and powerful song.

View the Voice of the Universe series

The Golden Age is NOW
The Golden Age is NOW.
Created on the Summer Solstice 2015. This series reveals a time travel portal that 
can be used by the viewer in meditation or 
mystical visionary journey to bring forth the 
presence of the Golden Age.

View The Golden Age is NOW series.

Unraveling The Timelines
Finding or creating the Timeline with the highest outcomes, beneficial for humanity, bringing Peace, Prosperity, Creativity, Fulfillment of Life Purpose, Perfect Health, Enlightenment, Light Body and the Golden Age. Not allowing an interference with the Timeline that humanity needs in order to survive and thrive.

View Unraveling The Timelines Series

Wandering Into Other Worlds

Exploring the cosmos, allowing for an intuitive understanding of the infinite space of the universe and the wholeness within the subtle quantum experience of creation.

View Wandering Into Other Worlds Series

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