Limited Edition Prints

From the Lightwaves Exhibit at
ARTIFACT GALLERY, 84 Orchard Street, New York City
August 27 - September 14, 2014

Limited edition ink on paper prints from Lightwaves will continue to be available through Artifact Gallery.  Edition of 8.  This includes images from my Symphony of Light series, Unraveling The Timelines
series, Tones series, Lightwaves series and Pleiadian Light Portal.  
Please contact Artifact Gallery for more information:  212-475-0448
or Laurel Smith:  847-814-8395

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Voice of the Universe

Voice of the Universe - Images by Laurel Smith


Change - Images by Laurel Smith

Unraveling The Timelines

Unraveling The Timelines - Images by Laurel Smith

Tones ~ 
Tones and Overtones of Creation

Tones - Images by Laurel Smith

Wandering Into Other Worlds
from the Symphony of Light series

Wandering Into Other Worlds - Images by Laurel Smith

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