Laurel Smith

Laurel Smith is an award winning artist who shows her work nationally 
and internationally.   Her art adventures include a solo art exhibit in 
Manhattan, participation in digital art shows in Times Square NYC
and the Louvre Museum in Paris, and an art exhibition in Venice, 
Italy during the 57th Venice Biennale 2017. 

Laurel's mystical journeys influence her art.   With a BA Degree in Art History 
from Wellesley College, she pushes the boundaries of art to merge the beauty 
of art with the truth of consciousness. 



Art Exhibitions

2017  Venice Biennale, Personal Structures - open borders, Palazzo Mora

2015  Scope Art Fair, Miami
2015  Louvre Museum, Paris, France, Exposure Photography Awards 

2014  Lightwaves, Solo Art Exhibition, Artifact Gallery, New York City

2014  See.Me Takeover of Times Square, New York City
2013  Scope Art Fair, Miami

2013  The Story of the Creative, SEE Exhibition Space, Long Island City, NY

2012  Scope Art Fair, Art Takes Miami: 1,001 Artists Project, Miami
2010  First Twitter Art Exhibit, Moss Norway
2009  Emergence of the Divine FeminineLife Force Arts Gallery, Chicago
2009  1st Annual Chicago Spiritual Art Festival, Life Force Arts Gallery, Chicago
2004  Entrée Gallery, Art Walk Festival, Fairfield, Iowa
2004  Gaia Gallery / Harvest Festival, New Buffalo, Michigan

Print And Digital Publications
Personal Structures - open borders
Print/Hardback Catalogue for Venice 2017 art exhibit.
View Digital Catalogue

Microphotography Collection
Photography presented at Exposure Awards Reception
Louvre Museum, Paris July 13, 2015
Print / Hardback Book

Art Takes Miami 
Print/ Hardback Catalogue of the December 2012 exhibit.

Spring/Summer 2011, 4 pages of art, pages 74-77
Print and Digital Magazine
Whispers of Spirit, Cover Art, December 2010
Digital Magazine

Art Of Day, Art Blog, featured Abstract Rose December 27, 2010

The Messenger, Cover Art, August 2010
Digital Magazine

The Messenger, Cover Art, September 2009
Digital Magazine

Transcendent Journeys, Where Art Meets Spirit, November 24, 2009
Blog featuring Shapeshifting along with a discussion of the
Emergence of the Divine Feminine art exhibit in Chicago 

The Monthly Aspectarian, Cover Art, February 2008
Art featured inside magazine.
Print Magazine

Commercial Art

Custom Postage Stamp of Pink Lotus Flower was chosen 
by the US Post Office to sell on their website store, 
April 2009 to November 2012. 
(No longer available.)


B.A. Art History, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
Semester in Rome – Art, Art History and Italian Language
M.A. Dance Therapy, School of Education, New York University, NYC
Black and White Photography / Darkroom, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Digital Photography 1 and 2 / Photoshop, Columbia College, Chicago, IL


I am a Mystical Artist.
I go beyond the boundaries of ordinary living
Away from the material realms
Through other dimensions
Of experience and energies.
The subtle,
Extra Sensory,
Beyond the Mind ~
From the Divine Source
And subtle realms of light,
The light codes of Creation
Flow through me.
With Moving Light,
My intention
Is to awaken the viewer,
To move you through subtle realms
Of feeling and experience,
To wake up the Divine Light
Already within you~
To be conscious,
To be wise,
To be loving,
To be at peace with yourself and the universe,
To be Light.

Copyright © Laurel Smith
All Rights Reserved